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January 21, 2012
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child's play by AnnaPaar child's play by AnnaPaar
unsure what to say
thinking about inspiration
a demon
a muse
pure light too
if we want...

and i tend to fall enamored
with childish clumsiness
even more so when technique clearly fails
quite stubborn in this

happy creations! :sun:
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Featured here: [link] . :aww:

Superb work, beautiful lighting! :heart:

Happy Holidays! :iconclop0:
thank you very much for your kind words, for featuring it and for nice bell emoticon! :iconflowersplz:

wish you peaceful, inspiring christmas days!:iconsparklesplz::icontree-christmas-plz::iconsparklesplz:

Hermetic-Wings Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
To meet you a selection is so nice surprise dear Anna...Happy to explore you, I didn't know it :D
it's bit older one
dear Ayhan :thanks:
and you surely know anna childish and like play
art and play very near each other :icontoyhorseplz:
hope you fine! :sun:
Hermetic-Wings Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I will write you soon about me with longer and detailed words on mine...Missed our messages...And planning to carry my beadings in a way...Please be patient little child...:D
thank you for kind message, dear Ayhan! :thanks:
when say so
anna will be very patient :nod: :flame:
most important is you relax, gain good health
take time with all the rest :iconslowdownplz:
and like your new portraits!
they are impressive, lively, kind woman portraits! :dance:

Hermetic-Wings Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Your words comes like a joyful song when you said You will wait my note...Canan is a very human person. His family so warm and kind...I am pleased very much to capture her in such a way...I am on my way to get better (I hope)I will return my routine soon I think...

With all my friendship;
yes anna joyful :bounce:
be at ease, dear Ayhan! :hug:
anna find Ayhan take portrait is important
and also good feeling good time with Canan ...
is all important! :nod: :flame:

without heart kindness, relation
maybe there is no art... hmm... :-)
ey, not sure... anna never so sure about art...
and quite sure about heart! :lol: :heart:

wish you happy heart dear Ayhan and good fresh morning energies! :bulletred::bulletyellow::sun:

Hermetic-Wings Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Please believe me when I said all my joy is coming form the success of my photograph. Or let me say in other way; if some of my friend reacts in a way that I hope then I am becoming so happy...
...Anna is a good person so she feels happy when her friends seems to be happy...
Portarits are important, I wish I can do better things but it was long time before so, ıt was not so easy. And my model was so charismatic. So, I had so hard times to capture some nice photographs..
Or let me say in other way; if some of my friend reacts in a way that I hope then I am becoming so happy...
is very much like this for me too, dear Ayhan :nod:

and me very strange mood today
bad roller coaster
so maybe take bit more time answer... :-)

hope you doing fine today...
we all crazy autumn...
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