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3 beads by AnnaPaar 3 beads by AnnaPaar
heart -- spirit (geist) -- sun
glass bead game

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zaccool14 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
so nice color i liked :iconflowerdropplz:
Adagiobunny Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Writer
when i was young (& still now, of course) i had a fascination with small things - like beads, like these -
perhaps i sensed they spoke to me, like i could leave pieces of my soul or find pieces of myself hidden within their depths - they were always so deep, though they were small... :)
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
(& still now, of course) :-) :hug:

yes can see
the life the belonging in objects
repositories of magic
turns out slowly slowly
they can be bridges between
this world and others
we know little of

it's this "touch me" "drink me" kind of thing
... in new ways


Adagiobunny Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Writer
yes!! i feenk
in a way, our human fascination
with material, with tangible things,
stems from this
magic, the repository
we try to reach through to this 'somewhere,'
those other worlds
the call of lewis carroll...
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
you know
i wonder all these months
and still
and maybe even more urgently now
about "witch"
becoming a "witch/hag" or letting her take me over
trying "sort out" "find out" "let emerge"
it's likely a "new" archetype or similar
... an old woman type

and try compare with former types/roles
i know of
like shaman, witch, herb woman, nun, little girl...
try taptap what she is...
what i may become :-)
Adagiobunny Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Writer
this year has been 
year of choices: as i transition
from high school to college

my little world expanding like the universe!

while i struggled with the decision of 'where'
a friend told me
to take each place
imagine the woman i would become
think of which i fell in love with,
which i most wanted to be

of so many - the types you mention -
& those we search for ...

mostly, i am just a little girl
with a longing to discover the women
inside me.

they guide me, my women
they caress my hands, show me many paths
ask me: which one? 
zaccool14 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
It's a very beautiful liked hated glass different colors and fun ^^
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
maybe heated glass? :flame:
fire transform all from one to other
shape to other shape
maybe even color to other color ...
big big fun ... transformations game ...
we small wonder :bug: :sun:
peterpateman Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Me like! :iconorbredplz: :iconorbblueplz: :iconorbyellowplz:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012

thank you, dear Peter,
for your kind words
and beautiful new emoticons! :thanks:


mystery box for you :-)
peterpateman Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you, I love mysteries!
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012

mayankismad Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
you developed a self-sustaining system here :D
heart, spirit and the sun
with no mind..

without mind it will last eternally :sun:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012

thank you for beautiful wise comment Mayank :iconflowerheartplz:

... hmm... see "mind" is included in german word "geist" (der Geist)
it's a very important word in our culture...
say this for completeness ... (Geist is such a wide, fuzzy field... yayyay)
and i agree with you :nod::flame: ... though we did not exchange in detail about this...

and aya aya this would lead to endless discussion yes yes :bulletyellow::boing:
... let me try:
personally find "spirit" (especially if it is big spirit, union, collective)
is a kind of (very precise) intelligence...
and connects us
oh my blah

halcyonshores Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
ey! :iconnssurprisedplz:
thank you dear Dove...
i sure needed that one
yes! :iconflowerheartplz:

:iconorbblueplz: :bulletyellow: :bulletred:
halcyonshores Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
then here's another.. :iconglomp2plz:

Have an inspiring weekend lovely sprite.
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012

here just found a bit of a
helpless one
... strangely never noticed before :iconflower-plz:

and... glomp is a kind of science
or an art? :?
... is many fit in that vessel
all glomp in
intricate patterns... anna!
bit crazy on saturday morning?
-- ey, i know you wouldn't say that... :stupidme:

wish you easy drift smile :wizardhat: week end dear Dove!:iconsun--plz:
halcyonshores Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You are so sweet, and you always make me smile...

Glomp is the art of a virtual super-hug I guess and there are so many out 'there'
you can't possibly go wrong, Anna.

Wishing you a bright week ahead. :iconsunglompplz:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
thank you for wonderful sunglomp! :wow:
... is bit our theme, yes?
and can do... :flame:

thank you for your kindness, dear Dove! :hug:

... now you say there are so many out there
reminds me of how easily we hug on-line
(kind of shocked me at first...
as felt it being a "lie")
and is what we want
and is very needed
of course would be off-line too...

halcyonshores Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That is one cute glomp!
And yes, emoticons can be both too much as well as too little.
But sometimes, they are just right, and just what we need.

You are a lovely person Anna. :heart:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
thank you, dear heart-ful Dove! :heart:

lets enjoy emoticon talk! :bounce:
wish you fine :wizardhat: :sun: :iconfullmoonplz: mid-week! :hug:
Shachar-Art Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
With all my heart!
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
so happy dance
when i saw now! :onfire:
feel you took my description up
into more clarity
then i could be ever aware of...
bloom deepen anna small message :hug:

and you help me find colors :omg:
way beyond... way beyond...
so thankful me! :iconflowerheartplz:
:heart: :flame:
Shachar-Art Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I had to. I guess I will draw them an Anna Map very soon. Even with crystal round explanations they didn't got the magical game. Shed won't let them do such.

Have I ever told you I just hate all the numbers below 10? Yep, I do. But I love this work so much, they will dream it until the end of my Membership! For that I'm sure. :devilish:

Thank you for reminded me the simple order of the universal priorities, Sweet Angel You! :tighthug: So, I wasn't wrong when I felt you're the
Angel of my Chaos...
The simple order of the complicated know it by sight, you know how to rearrange them to look..."into more clarity" as you say.
Now that's deepen :iconsomuchluffplz:, into Shed's opinion. So, I guess, the thankful one here is me.
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I had to. I guess I will draw them an Anna Map very soon. Even with crystal round explanations they didn't got the magical game. Shed won't let them do such.
ey us you get more fuzzy then anna, is? :-)
please say some more... or say with new words... so i get it :stupidme::bounce: ...
make fuzzy is fine
how could glass bead game
ever be clear?

and these shine to my attention
you don't like numbers below 10
quite surprising... ... ... hmm
and Shed opinion... hmm
feenk is first time i see word "opinion"

me hmm...
and happy too :dance:

you know what, thankfulness
is a great feeling...
wah! key to much... :iconsmallkeyplz:
we both we both :thanks:

Shachar-Art Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
All games are easy, as long as one takes their magic seriously. How's that sounds? Like kids, ya know? When they're in this imaginary world and love very much to be there, just because they enjoy it, is very easy for them to stay involved and very hard to disconnect. They take their play as a concrete, serious matter. The same with artists who just love an work or another. Love involves feeling. Or playing is possible because of the feeling, playing is, actually, feeling. That's why kids love the games so much. Is not only understanding this word in a simple way, no, the game is their own chance to interact directly with feelings and know them one by one by intuition or imagination.
Now, Thinking of this concrete relation between what Anna have done here and what we suppose to see, we first must open Anna's Map: 3 beads of different colours which for Anna mean something. Like a kid, I can imagine what they mean to me. If I do that, I might find an answer in the background of my mind too. Given to the piece my symbols, I take the game seriously and I can see what these 3 beads meant for Anna. Ok, now, when featuring Anna's work, Shed explained the first part clearly. These beads mean this this and this. Magical game. They didn't saw the magic. The connection between the colours and beads: red/heart, blue/spirit and yellow/sun.

They didn't played the game Shed proposed, they didn't got Anna's meaning, Shed very angry, because art is not only about pretty faces or pretty flowers behind a lens. Pulling off the symbols from a certain piece is the main..."job" of an artist. Since here is supposed to be many...well, Shed very upset, many do not "play" with art...they just pretend they do. Therefore they do not feel *they do not have the red bead, if you allow me to make this connection)

So...Anna, my dear, in another words, more cruel words, actually when I make a feature, especially for my watchers, I love more to see that a work or another from that list was loved (played/felt). They did't this time, but they will... Cause the red is red, in beads, in love, in art, no matter what. :devilish:

Sorry if I may sound a little crazy, but, truly, expressions like "wow amazing!", "what what a beautiful journal!" written just to be written means nothing. I gathered the works, true, but those works belong to somebody, they have been put there with a reason, with a goal. "wow" without concrete support was not one of them. Not see? Said this way made all the magic to evaporate. I liked better when I said it like in a game. Sounded red! Looked magically yellow. Was clever blue! no? :heart:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
yes and yes and yes
very serious matter is
life too
becomes very serious very light same time :iconclownplz:
the more serious the more ethereal... really
this is real...

a smile :-)

and now look: feeling :flame:
very real
most real thing
very ephemeral too...
a :iconsparklesplz: thing and a *poof* thing...
:dance: it endlessly -.---.--.-

magical game
like glass bead game too
magic and play
play and magic
very near each other
in that light ethereal way ... :-) :airborne:

and of course always basic colors
all colors from there
no colors bw
then all colors again other plane
travel planes... yes? :iconflowerhdplz:

emerges laozi... a-yay
the 1 (dao) gives birth to the 2 (bw yin yang blah blah)
the 2 give birth to the third
the three give birth to the 10000 things LOL
and ey me know me know Shed doesn't
like dance numbers below 10 :wow: :forgiveme:
blah and blah
conversation is play too... almost even deeper then
for anna

these years

they do not have the red bead

your features are very special, Shed
they are more than a..
your intention your flame your heart your will... your dance
your play...
well a new play too...
-- emerges how you didn't add "by ..." in last
and didn't allow comments
i liked the impression it gave me
all free to wander

no way not sound little crazy, yes?
no way...
we need sound little
and little crazy
and then bit more crazy
and so on...
there maybe disdain even...
need go go deeper into
see witches?
see elves?
see sprites?
see... softly moving trees... eerie eerie deeper

when magic evaporates so sad so sad
so sad...
and what?
let go of expectation...
let the game find us
let the magic find us
anew anew
now and now
so easy fall
... into truer play

Sounded red! Looked magically yellow. Was clever blue! no? :heart:


Shachar-Art Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Ephemeral you say....
Now, allow me to speak like Anna for a moment answering you: "ayay yay... very strong word this is" ... Very real, almost concrete, CRUSH Concrete, as concrete as what it may or it represents for each of us.

You know, peoples tend to think that, if something cannot be touched or seen, does not worth to much as value, in some cases. But the fact is, we cannot live without them, many of them. You said game, feelings, inspiration, rich connection, you said Star, dance, colour, you said... in fact that things like faves are passing by...are small ... and they cannot be... as deep as we sometimes think they are.

Theyre important, true, I know you know, but Anna, theyre concrete things, given proves, no-doubtful proves, they are the only proves. Thinking from this point, we may say our life is ephemeral too, real but ephemeral... Or, is not. or, at least, is my opinion. From where Im standing everything is forever and born this way to last, to be, to give a continuity, a round circle, a permanence, a clue for the existence. Feelings...some peoples feel less or they dont feel at all, but the feeling is endless, never dies, never less valuable, feeling was born to be, just like stars, like a dance, like a smile. You may not smile tomorrow, but youll do it again one day, the smile IS there, as concrete and permanent as your desire to give it away... same with colors, games, Love, the entire Universe is like that: never ever ending, repeating itself over and over again, for each and everyone of us, for each and every single thing and particle and atom out there... The world never dies, Anna, the unwritten laws are in fact proves of history repeats itself because everything and anyone IS a given endless forever-entity.

You know we use to say that humans are dying...but are they, Anna? If Ill die tomorrow am I dead for sure? (whats sure anyway?) I also may say Ive died too many times that I already know whats out there, so...part from me, from my cells will live forever just because my child had this "Kindness" to keep The Me inside of his/her blood, as the child of my child will have the same Kindness and so on, so on... Is not the same maybe youll say... Why not? We all are what others have been before us, we may evolve, but we are what our parents a photocopy, and better that the original...dont you think? And, the most wonderful part is that my child, as his child will keep and have the same joys and toys I used to keep and have, with no change what so ever, his/her cells will function exactly as mine. I always said...Im all my daemons because of this, by daemons include everything and anybody that was before me. Sometimes I even got this impression that Ive already seen things and places Im also pretty sure that are new. such a looooooooooong, never ending subject...

give birth to 10000 things, yes Anna, yes, but without them nothing would be out there, isnt it? all emerges, yes, but is without end and the only permanence this entire universe knows for now. DOnt you think?

If I let go to can I redefine myself, Anna? Who and what would I be, can be?
Letting go is some sort of illusion, generally speaking. I expect each and every moment to the unexpected... now I expect so much sometimes that I can even be considered by some as not being rational any more. Me the fool... I love this, ya know? I just another way or releasing my emotions, to let them exist, continue, express, just because they are not all mine, because they are not ephemeral, either ethereal, Anna!

Now, I understood very well what you meant and I thank you for the advice, I also wanted to explain a little how some things go with me here. Sometimes I refuse the given, the stated, sometimes I want to force... the BE, the IS, the numbers below 10, the :heart: after all...
And I :heart: you! :tighthug:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
impatient write now
and best want not even reread
but dutifully will do yes

hmm, let's see :-)

CRUSH Concrete
aha! yes we fine mind spirit nerved europeans...
can be too crush almost
at times...
and then fly fly high

only this word ephemeral in my mind
and how you seem to speak for eternity
need reread
this is clear :stupidme:

and i do... :-)


not sure what you meant with your words about faves
is wasted energy (feels anna subjective) strive for getting them for ourselves
(well very different matter if you try get them for others images
as Shed does...)
or misdirected energy?
well anna would not want judge so much
she says that for herself
and of course can be very deep
is contact is touch is look is present...
then anna does same as Shed... she wanders other gallery
reads journal
sees tries sense person, deviant, feeling
and so on
and then say something :-)


and see we have this wording theme here
ephemeral is fine for anna
she doesn't mourn it
on the contrary
if can not cling with her mind to a concept to an expectation
and look look now what emerges
or let what emerges find her...
then ephemeral simply gives space to new
to what grows
the baby instant...

and oh yes no end to becoming
to emergence from source
world ever giving birth to itself
kind of...
the wonderful vortex, fleece, rising...

see, we only stand bit different places
in same room?

and smile always there in potential too...
have been wondering about creativity and spirituality
these months...
and small small bird steps advance, sink seems... :-)
i like spring breeze smile
and swim in it... float easy
it's the one that accepts
good and bad any now
let me be childish and invoke it bit! :dance:

Shed we should have talked about daemons
some month ago anna was very many questions into this...
very stupid statement, yes?
well... i also like hear you talk daemons now
is Shed theme...
and me went party with daemons for last 2 years
kind of
need talk with care
aya... of course they're part of me
and need get know and say hello and say ey, you here!
and be no better...

no need shy of looooooong story
we can tell :iconlovenodplz:
and read too... listen...

:iconcatearsplz: (bit silly one :stupidme:)

this one is better: :heart:

yes see like you
only permanence is how evolves (they sometimes say "change")
totally mind boggling watch :iconpsychoflowerplz:
(bit literary that image... :-) )

yes, we fools...
and need be... need what for?
to get deeper... into... life... death... all
why deeper?
because is possible? :-)

so, fool is a very good beginning for us
in anna words it would mean "let go" (of concepts, of my dignity... blah)
and yes of course... express :flame:
sense and express... i want grow longer colorful awkward antennae
of all kinds source will give me...
taptap... :lol:
sense inside outside
sense outside
sense reaction, impulse inside
and :blahblah: it
to you ("you" is a variable to anna ,same as "i"
the human we face...)
and YOU would be Shed
the soul space anna is invited to
... is you and i (any two yes) can share soul space...
:heart: overlap bit...
and the immediate is :flame: overlap bit
then comes wild transform... open more soul space
sorry for anna blah so superblah here...
i guess you'll understand (the fact she blah's i mean :lol:)

Sometimes I refuse the given, the stated, sometimes I want to force... the BE, the IS, the numbers below 10, the :heart: after all...
oh yes, please do, please keep doing...
see... it's our duty
and when you do you do for me (the variables "you" and "me", as well as Shed and anna of course)

good morning (ey proceeds so fast) and wish you nice :iconcoffeedanceplz:
(me no edit here... so forgive mistakes lapsus/lapses any... ok?)

ShippD Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012

look, just found! :-)

ShippD Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012

ShippD Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
:onfire: :airborne:
TiaraShin Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
They look awesome, the colours and light are amazing!:dalove:
AnnaPaar Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
thank you, dear Tiara! :thanks:
just came across... they are bit older
still fit what am doing right now
try work out spherical mapping anew
happy you like! :dance:
wish you :shamrock: :wizardhat: :iconsparklyplz: mid week! :sun:
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